Dont touch me

I love you, but dont touch me Because I am poison ivy. I will crawl up your arm, spread across you body, I will taint your pure blood and stain your heart that was once holy. So please, don't touch me, I dont want you to freeze From my cold soul that hasn't seen the … Continue reading Dont touch me



Someone asked me if I knew you, I faintly reply "I used to." I knew you before the storm, I knew you before you conformed To the sins of your worldly desires, And I walked with you through those treacherous fires. I can't say with certainty That I still know the person I see in … Continue reading Stranger


Words render meaningless in describing The beauty of her heart. The depth of her presence could not fill the page But publish together a series of fortunate events. He met her on a warm summer evening, Basking in the setting sun That was sitting behind clouds of fire, As was her radiant smile. She was … Continue reading Her